Loving Support

Every family deserves love and nurture as they learn, develop, and grow into their own.

Love 2 Love Breastfeeding


Classes will begin again in May

This class teaches the basic anatomy and physiology involved in breast milk production and breastfeeding. Mothers will also learn what to expect during the first days after birth, as well as what to do if things do not go as planned. The class will discuss what preparation and supplies are helpful. 


Natural Comfort Measures



May 8, 2019


Natural Comfort Measures is an interactive online class that discusses non-medical techniques you can use to cope during childbirth. Even if you're saying to yourself I want every medical intervention possible to not feel pain, there is STILL a lot to learn from this comfort measures course. Unfortunately, feeling zero pain during childbirth is an unrealistic expectation. No matter the type of birth you are planning it's important to have tools and techniques to help support and help others to support you too,


Included in this course is a workbook to help you dig deeper into any lingering fears about labor, exercises to practice, and fun games and puzzles to reinforce learning.

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