"Initiated Through Birth" 


A childbirth education class that takes a holistic approach to childbirth and focuses on a birthing person's intuition. Get ready to explore this transformative rite of passage not as a medical event but as an act of self-discovery! Gather tools and knowledge to help you explore your thoughts and face your fears during pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

New Session Every Month.

"Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming." -Alice Walker

Taking a childbirth education class can create community, confidence in your skills, connection with your partner, and a clearer understanding of the process and your choices. I encourage you to make time to participate in this valuable opportunity to prepare for and celebrate your growing family.

Initiated Through Birth guides you to feel:


Helping families gather tools and knowledge about their birth options, breastfeeding, and postpartum healing.


Prepare you for the physical and emotional experiences of childbirth.


Engage in self awareness and personal reflection.


Attending "Initiated Through Birth" is an act of self-care!



Expect to learn hands-on through self-paced activities and two live virtual classes.

Demystify modern medical culture.

Gain access to inner knowing.

Cope with the intensity of birth.


Module One

  • Meet Your Childbirth Educator

  • Eating In Awareness

  • Traditional Herbal Remedies

  • Birth Options

  • Write Your Birth Preferences

  • Stages Of Birth

  • Comfort Measures

Module Two

  • Postpartum Healing

  • Breastfeeding

  • Birth Rights

  • Common Interventions

  • Welcoming Baby

  • Breath Awareness

  • Pain Coping

  • Comfort Measures

 Two live sessions + 90 min each

Self-paced modules  + Exercises

Facebook Community 

Cost: $85

Recommended Class Supplies:


Chalk Pastels

Smartphone or Computer

"I'm so glad I took this class. I feel less fearful of birth. I actually feel like- I can do this!" - A. B.

Gain a relationship of trust with yourself, your team, and an ability to be vulnerable in your process of initiation.

  • Live And Self Paced Learning

  • Personalized Guidance

  • Peer Community

Class Dates:

 September 14, 2020

October 12, 2020

November 9, 2020

December 14, 2020

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