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Initiated Through Birth

Welcome to Pregnancy With Mrs. B's childbirth education course- Initiated Through Birth!

Welcome To Module 1

Unconscious Preparation

This module focuses on the very first part of the birth journey – the Unconscious Preparation. It is here that the foundation for relationships, both with oneself and others, as well as decision making and preferences, is laid.

Welcome To Module 2

The Ordeal

This module focuses on journey away from home. You will begin to understand the challenging tasks of the path ahead. It is here you meet your inner gatekeeper, and must give up parts of yourself to meet your truest self.

Welcome To Module 3

The Unexpected

This module focuses on getting through the unexpected mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Welcome To Module 4

The Return

This module focuses on the evolution of parent as you discover your new parent identity. As well as a nipple-full of information on breastfeeding.